SLO Natural Foods Co-op is open to the public and everyone is welcome to shop here. However, becoming an owner has some key benefits, including:

SLO Natural Foods Co-op Member Owner Benefits:


  • Patronage Refunds in years the Co-op is profitable
  • Seasonal Member Appreciation Promotions
  • Monthly “First Friday” Specials
  • Special Order Discounts
  • Member Product Promotions
  • Special Events Just for Members
  • Voting rights at Annual and Special Member’s Meetings


The cost of one equity share remains $300.00, payable in $25.00 annual installments until fully paid. If you prefer, you can invest the entire $300.00 when you first sign up and you’ll receive a $30.00 gift certificate. There is also a one-time, non-refundable $10.00 processing fee the first year you join. Once you have paid $300 you are fully vested, though all the benefits described above are effective with your initial payment.*

Membership forms are available here or at the Co-op. We're currently not able to accept payment online, but upon payment at the register you’ll receive your Membership card and your benefits will start right away.

Your investment in a membership provides SLO Natural Foods Co-op with funds for capital improvements and growth and helps ensure our financial soundness. Buying from the Co-op not only supports our local producers but keeps your money right here in our community.



*If you should ever move or elect to discontinue shopping at SLO Natural Foods Co-op, you can request and will receive a full refund of the equity money you have invested.

Special Orders

SLO Natural Foods Co-op offers a generous special order policy to both shoppers and owners. Anyone can place special orders but owners receive more substantial discounts and the more you order, the greater your savings. Special order savings are available on all products from our primary distributor, United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI).

Special Order Policies

  • Orders received by Sunday close-of-business will be available the following Thursday.
  • Holidays or extenuating circumstances may affect regular ordering and receiving days.
  • Orders are placed in bulk or full case quantities from UNFI.
  • Items sold as 'each' (such as vitamins and supplements) require a minimum purchase of four units.
  • Customers will be called only if their order does not arrive.
  • Special orders are non-returnable.
  • UNFI charges a 15% restocking fee for mis-ordered items.


Special Orders from UNFI

General Special Orders

  • Owners pay regular wholesale price +25%.
  • Non-owners pay regular wholesale price +35%.

Buyers Circle (for Owners only)

For wholesale order amounts over $300, SLO Natural Foods Co-op offers even better savings:

  • $300 - $999                    Wholesale price + 18%
  • $1,000 +                           Wholesale price + 10%

Business-to-Business Partners (for Owners only)

Our business-to-business markup begins at wholesale + 15%. Please contact General Manager Gwen Schmidt for more information.

Special Orders from Other Suppliers

We offer discounts on a sliding scale when owners place special orders from other direct distributors. Some of these suppliers may have minimum order requirements or shipping charges. Please speak with one of our team members for more information.