We know you will save more than ever with the everyday low prices of Co+op Basics and the special discounts offered by the new Co+op Deals. Look for the special shelf tags for big savings!


Co+op Deals

We’re excited to bring you yet another benefit of the Co-op’s membership in National Co+op Grocers (NCG): our new Co+op Deals! This is a twice-monthly sales flyer and it replaces our previous monthly flyer. With Co+op Deals we will be able to offer many more discounted items each month. Please note that some of the flyer items will not be available on the shelf but they can be special ordered. Any of our team members are happy to help you.


Co+op Basics

We've had a great response to the lower prices we are able to offer on many of the foods and products people use everyday with our Co+op Basics program. National Co+op Grocers (NCG) is adding more products to the program as vendors become aware of it, so you can expect to see more name brands participating in the coming months.

Currently, many of the Co+op Basics items are from Field Day, the house brand of our main grocery distributor, UNFI. All of Field Day's products are either verified or enrolled in the Non-GMO Project, the majority of product ingredients are sourced in the USA, and organic ingredients are used to produce USDA Certified products whenever possible. Many products are now in BPA-free packaging as well.

Field Day products represent an excellent value for the price and with Co+op Basics, these prices are now lower than ever! 


Weekly Produce Sales

Produce sales start each week on Tuesday.

Nearly all of our fruit and vegetable specials are certified organic; the rest are pesticide free. We do not sell conventionally grown produce at the Co-op.

Our produce is Farmers' Market fresh with convenient store hours!