Aimee Wyatt is the Co-op's Interim Director as we search for a new General Manager. 

See our new posting as we seek a General Manager to help the Co-op grow!

Finance Department:  

Gwen Schmidt - Finance Manager, oversees our budget, payables, planning and facilities. She works with Robert Graham, book-keeper, and Patrick Foran, Point of Sales Analyst. 


Carol Radike is Team Supervisor, in charge of Floor Staff and Operations. She oversees our Buyer Team, including: 

* Raymond Briones, Center Store (Grocery, chill and bulk departments)
* Tifney Melton, Produce Buyer
* Alex Hawn, Wellness Buyer
* Teresa Garcia, Herbs Buyer


Welcome Hayley Cain to our Marketing Team!
Hayley is a freelance writer based in SLO in love with the collision between agriculture and flavor. She's a backyard chicken farmer, touring musician, and proud feminist. Her husband Reid Cain is a local builder and owner of Dr. Cain's Comics and Games in SLO. Together they have many art projects and two small dogs. She cares about supporting small local business, outsider art, and creating a thriving local food system in SLO. Basically, she wants to keep SLO as weird as possible. Hayley is a proud member-owner of the SLO Natural Foods Cooperative and loves the fresh veggies the most (cooking is a big passion). You can find out more about her work detailing the stories of local farmers at her blog